• Observable CO2RR gas diffusion flow cell 10*10mm 1c㎡
    $1,980.95 $2,200.95
  • Ordinary Electrochemical Cell 20ML
    $51.95 $51.95
  • H-Type Sealed Electrochemical Cell  20ml 45ml
    $400.95 $500.95
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We are the official store who devotes itself to providing laboratory instrumentation that enables simultaneous in-situ measurements of a number of signals (electrochemical, optical, thermal and other) on thin film and membrane materials. we have already gained so much experience in the field of electrochemical trading and our final goal is to offer our customers various kinds of laboratory instrumentation and at best price. We are gradually becoming one of the top instrumentation online shop throughout the world and we do hope we could make you outstanding by providing the real good stuff you want.

DekResearch is proud of the expanding network of highly qualified and successful Distributors who serve scientists and science enthusiasts around the globe.

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