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FAQ - Dekresearch

How to choose ordinary electrochemical cell and sealed electrochemical cell?

Regardless of the user's tightness requirements for the actual test, the sealed electrochemical cell is the first choice. The sealed electrolytic cell is equipped with hollow sealing screws and fluorine rubber O-rings to install and seal the entire device, and then pass inert gas into the cell body to drive out the excess gas inside the cell body to realize the test of the system in an inert environment. If there is no requirement for tightness, no ventilation operation is required. However, if you choose an ordinary electrochemical cell, the related operations of the sealed electrolytic cell cannot be realized.

What volume of electrochemical cell is suitable to choose?

The volume of the electrolytic cell should be selected moderately. If the volume is too large, the amount of solution will be too much, which is unnecessary. During electrochemical measurement, the electrode surface undergoes oxidation and reduction reactions, and some substances in the solution are reduced by participating in the electrode reaction. At the same time, some reaction products will dissolve into the solution. If the volume of the electrolytic cell is too small, the solution concentration will change significantly during the long-term steady-state measurement, which will eventually affect the experimental results. In most cases, the volume of 50ml and 100ml are more choices.

How to choose a working electrode?

Common working electrodes include disk electrodes and replaceable electrode holders. The disk electrode is suitable as the base of the modified material, and it is modified to the base area of the disk electrode by mixing a membrane solution or the like with a powdered material. And if the material being studied is a sheet-like structure or the material can be modified to suitable materials such as conductive glass, carbon paper, carbon cloth, etc., it is more practical to choose a replaceable electrode clip.

How to choose a counter electrode?

One of the important parameters of the counter electrode is its surface area. The counter electrode must have a large enough area to support the current conduction generated on the working electrode. Generally, the area of the counter electrode is 3-5 times the area of the working electrode. When choosing a disk electrode as the working electrode, platinum wire electrode is a good choice. When choosing sheet materials as working electrodes, platinum wire ring electrodes and platinum sheet electrodes are good choices.

How to choose a reference electrode?

Generally speaking, calomel electrode or Ag/AgCl reference electrode is used in neutral system. Since the potential of calomel electrode changes greatly with temperature, when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, it needs to be used with a salt bridge or replaced Use Ag/AgCl reference electrode. Hg2SO4 reference electrodes are generally suitable for sulfuric acid or sulfate systems. Hg/HgO reference electrodes are generally suitable for alkaline electrolyte solutions, of which the strong alkali system also needs to be used with a salt bridge, and the filling liquid in the salt bridge is consistent with the filling liquid of the reference electrode. The non-aqueous organic system needs to use a Ag/Ag+ reference electrode. When using a non-aqueous Ag/Ag+ reference electrode, the user needs to prepare a solution containing supporting electrolyte and silver ions (usually 10mM) and inject it into the reference electrode chamber. Due to shipping safety considerations, all reference electrodes are not filled with solution. Before use, the user needs to prepare an internal solution to fill it into the electrode.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes, We have regular promo activities for all our customers. We do offer discounts to our customers who buy in bulk. We are appreciated for your inquire through E-mail. service@dekresearch.com.